The Corporate Social Responsibility Mentoring Program, (CSRMP) offered by Mentoring Nigeria, allows corporate employees to mentor children at their workplace, or at a school or community center. The program is intended to expose children to different career opportunities, while building a mentoring relationship with a caring adult. The program also has a community service component that brings mentoring pairs together to make a difference in their communities.

Mentor/mentee pairs can meet at the corporation during the academic year, or meet at the school or community-based organisation. Corporations can select a program that meets weekly for one hour, or bi-weekly for two hours, totaling four hours per month. Mentees work with their mentors on homework assignments, life skills, community service, and career development. Program Managers (employed by Mentoring Nigeria) supervise the program and create educational and community service activities which foster and support the mentoring relationships. Children and mentors receive on-going training and support from their Mentoring Nigeria Program Manager.


Step 1:
Mentoring Nigeria arranges a volunteer orientation (Lunch & Learn) at the corporation to discuss the program's details with prospective mentors. Employees interested in the program complete an application and sign up for training.

Step 2:
Volunteers attend comprehensive trainings. These trainings are mandatory. All mentors are screened using a criminal check and references.

Step 3:
Once training and screening has been completed, Mentoring Nigeria matches mentors and kicks-off the program! The Kick-off Party is the first event to begin the program at the corporation, school or community site; it is usually planned based on the CEO or MD's schedule. Mentors and mentees meet for the first time at the Kick-off Party.

Step 5:
Mentor/mentee pairs continue to meet throughout the academic year at the designated site, for a total of four hours per month. In the beginning, group games are introduced for mentees and mentors to get to know each other better.


"A growing body of evidence suggests that a company's role in its community can be a factor in increasing profitability, strengthening company brand and reputation, elevating employee morale and customer loyalty..." Business For Social Responsibility

Some benefits for companies include:

    Enhancing the company's reputation as a good corporate citizen
    Raising staff morale and company pride
    Providing a recruiting & retention edge. Many companies find that a solid volunteerism program can be an important employee recruitment and retention tool.

Some employee benefits include:

    Broadening employee outlook through experiences outside of company culture
    Enabling personal growth by "giving something back" to communities

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