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Become a Mentor – TODAY

The Objective –
The Mentoring Nigeria virtual mentoring program partners the expertise and experience of women and men in the business and corporate, educational and charitable world with Nigerians who need a helping hand.

Our mentoring program is inspiring and time-efficient with the commitment of just 1 hour a month for 6 months over the phone or Skype. You will be able to choose your mentee based on your areas of passion and where you can make a difference. It provides the opportunity for mentees to discuss work based challenges and gain new perspectives from a mentor in the business world, have an external sounding board, listener, supporter and advocate from the business world and helps to increase confidence, skills and network. Mentors are women and men from all levels in corporations and small businesses and come from organisations as broad, AstraZeneca and Unilever.

The Benefits –
* Beyond doing your day job, the satisfaction of making a difference by helping an aspiring woman in a charity or social enterprise achieve her goals in a simple, time efficient and practical way.
* Share some of your life and business experience and provide a listening ear - it doesn't take much to make a big difference to someone.
* Learn from and be inspired by your mentee who is out in the world making a difference to others.
* Gain access to regular complimentary mentoring skills training sessions run by Mentoring Nigeria to further improve your mentoring skills and provide support (you do NOT have to be the best mentor in the world to apply!).
* Be part of a new global network of business women and men giving back and making a difference.
There is no cost in becoming an Mentoring Nigeria mentor.  The commitment is one hour per month for 6 months be telephone or Skype plus 1 hour of training.

Become a Mentee – TODAY

Having a mentor is one of the most important things a person can do. A recent study by LinkedIn revealed that 82 percent of women believe that it is important to have a mentor, yet only one out of every five women has ever had one!  
The Mentoring Nigeria virtual mentoring program aims to inspire and empower Nigerians working around the world that are making a difference to support your growth and impact to make an even bigger difference. In this way, we create a ripple effect of change. 

Mentors work over the phone or Skype and share their ideas and suggestions of what has worked for them with regard to their career, management and leadership experience and they will provide you with support to apply it to your specific role, career and organization.
The Benefits –
* Advice, encouragement and support from a senior woman or man in business around areas such as team management, communication, work/life balance and career planning.
* An external perspective from someone outside your sector.
* The opportunity to share your challenges and brainstorm ways to overcome them with an independent counsel.
We match you with a mentor in the business, entrepreneurial or corporate world who wants to give back so that you can gain new perspectives, have an external sounding board, listener, supporter and advocate from a different sector to yours and so that we can forge more links between the sectors.
There is no cost in becoming a Mentoring Nigeria mentee.  

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I have been mentored and inspired by the His Excellency Dr Tafida ! I recommend mentoring for all Nigerians

Charles Iheanyichukwu UttamsCharles Uttams

Business Man

And your support is great! For me the support from Emmanuel of Mentoring Nigeria has been valuable in my business.

Sir Chibuzo


Julie Coker


Kate Anolue

Emmanuel Korie

Ene Ako


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